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CSS Frameworks

What is CSS Framework ?

A CSS framework is a library allowing for easier, responsive and more standards-compliant web design using Cascading Style Sheets language.

When we talk about CSS frameworks what comes to your mind at first?
What is CSS frame ? Why CSS frameworks? How to use CSS frameworks in our project ? When should we use CSS frame works ? Where to use CSS frameworks? Good questions , these are the first great question to ask yourself before making an attempt . But you are in save hands worry less , let dive in deep.

Types of CSS frameworks

  • Bootstrap

  • Tailwind CSS

  • Bulma

  • Foundation

  • Pure

  • Skeleton

  • Miligram

  • Materialize

  • Susy

  • UIkit

  • Semantic UI

  • Spectre

  • Primer

Why using CSS Framework ?

  • CSS frameworks make it possible to create websites compatible with multiple browsers . This reduces the likelihood of bugs popping up during cross browser testing .

  • Developers can quickly generate a user-friendly and visually appealing UI that can be modified throughout a project without starting from scratch.

  • Since these frameworks have ready to use stylesheets in place , using them allows faster and more convenient web development.

  • User don't have to dive deep into CSS code to accomplish required tasks .

How to use CSS Framework ?

Over time , your project's requirements will likely change. Although it's impossible to predict the future , it's always worth considering how your project might develop over the long-term . Your chosen CSS Framework should be able to support your site or application as it evolves over months, and potentially even years.

When choosing any technology, it's always smart to consider its ease of use. Even if you're fluent in CSS, learning any new technology requires a big upfront investment. Every moment that you spend familiarizing yourself with your new framework is time that you could have invested directly into your project.

Advantages of CSS Framework

  • It saves time

A CSS framework lays out the groundwork for you so you can start developing quicker . If you are work with a team you all have the same shared CSS code , so collaborative effort sped up as well.

  • They relive cross-browser concern
    CSS framework make your work look similar on all browser . It's already coded to look similar across all browser , so you can focus on customizing and creating content rather than tweaking the base appearance

  • It reduce bug popping up
    Using CSS framework will keep your code away from bugs most of the time. CSS framework will have to make the proper alignment to your code .

  • Gives you clean and symmetrical layouts
    A grid-base CSS framework set up multi-column arrangement with predefined pixel widths so you can focus on creating content rather than lining up blocks of text.

Disadvantages of CSS Framework .

  • It changes the way you write your HTML
    CSS framework makes your code look differently from using the normal CSS style . It limit what you can design : layout sizes , grid width , button types ,style and anything else .

  • Adds extra code
    It highly unlikely that you'll use every features of a framework .If every byte is crucial , you'll need to go in and strip away unused code in your CSS.

  • Forces you to use the framework's semantics
    By using a CSS framework, you're forced into semantic changes, especially if the framework uses a non-standard naming CSS. An issue where it can be a bigger problem is if you're collaborating with other developers or creating for a client that will access the code ,they will have no idea what some of the names are ,so they will need to be familiar with the framework 's semantics first .

  • You can potentially lose time
    This could be a case where your client wanting to use a framework that you are not familiar with ,you will have to learn it for the benefit of the client this will course a further delay of the project. it will waste the time of the project ,your client and yourself.


Are CSS Frameworks good ? Of course yes ,most benefit from the web development and design simplification that CSS frameworks give . But there will be a smaller subset who will stick to doing those tasks themselves to get precise control and result. However it does ultimately depend on if you are the automatic or manual transmission of web designers. Is there any other idea that you'd like to add ?

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