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About Maven

Hello! Lets talk about Maven. :) Maven is a Software building tool.👷‍♀️A build tool typically compiles the source code, runs the tests and creates JAR_files as a result. Maven can also perform other activities, like uploading build results or generating reports.

Maven is especially suited for Java applications. The key features of Maven are:

  1. Convention over configuration: you dont have to configure that much yourself because Maven uses some default values and contains project templates

  2. Dependency management: Maven resolves dependencies during the build.

  3. Repository: Project dependencies can be loaded from the local file system, the internet or public repositories. Maven's public repository is called Maven Central.

  4. You can extend the Maven build system via plug-ins.

Read more about Maven here:

Source: same link as above.

Which building tools are you using and why? Have a nice day! :)

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