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I am enjoying the AWS world.

In my last post I described how I moved from wordpress to serverless.

Though it is very early to say, but I am already seeing the benefits of it.

  • Switched to a cleaner interface.
  • No worries about performance drop every now and then.
  • My site ranking is up.
  • The hosting cost is down to 1/4th.

Yes, my hosting cost has been reduced to 1/4th of what I used to spend. Though the blog is not a massive one but I am really enjoying using all those cutting edge infra within this next to nothing cost.

The initial setup was a bit lengthy as few things are manual.

I have to be honest about it, even if AWS provides all possible documentation to tell us how to use their services, it's still far out of reach from the non techy bloggers.

I mean I can guide a non techy blogger to setup a wordpress blog in a single article and it goes like, Click! Click! Click! and you are done.

But in AWS you have to have familiarity with the terms. And basic knowledge to understand the what and why.

And if you are okay with that then the benefits are numerous.

First of all, the free tire plan includes more than what you need and you can actually run a site without even spending a penny on it for a year.

Yes, a year!

Of course that comes with it's own limitations (not so limited). But for a blog like mine, it's a win win.

Will share some more insight in upcoming dev journal. Thanks for reading.

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