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Work life balance

I am a multi tasker.

When you have a day job, a blog and a family, you need to be one anyways.

Every week is not the same. Sometimes everything works fine as per schedule but some times the schedule gets messy because the one or the other require more priority.

Maintaining a schedule is not easy.

And when tasks gets pushed from weeks to the next, you can't figure out what to take up first.

This is a very weird feeling to not complete something you wanted to because of other priorities and that bugs your mind every now and then.

It happens because the priorities are not set by us, well not all of them. I mean for the blog I can decide what are the priorities but a job comes with it's own priority and family priorities are never ending.

Setbacks are inevitable.

So you need to adjust. You need to slow down a bit. Having a plan B will always helps.

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