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How to Integrate and Develop Artificial Intelligence Models in Linux Operating System

anjinaini profile image Anji Nani Originally published at ・1 min read

Recently, the Linux based project ACUMOS AI released its updated version called "BOREAS" which is an open-source framework released after ACUMOS framework. This model enables to create and develop well versed AI models. Developers will able to integrate AI models with machine learning, deep learning.

First you need to discuss about the ACUMOS.

What is ACUMOS AI?

ACUMOS is a open-source project , especially designed to integrate, train, build and deployment of AI models. The main aim of this project is to accelarate the innovations in Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, through a leaning space.

So let us deep dive into the

Latest Features of ACUMOS AI updated version BOREAS.

Improved User experience in integration and deploying of AI models

Enhanced user support in the latest Acumos platform under Kubernetes.

Additional support for onboarding of PFA, ONNX, and Dockerized models.

Support for AI/ML model suppliers to give a software license under commercial usage with ACUMOS market place. Which is used to track the activities , verify the license process etc.

Enabled support for ONAP with log management tools.

Reference:Linux Foundation Official Page

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