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Linux Mint 19.2: New Features and Improvements

Linux is the most popular OS kernel that was first released in September 1991 by “Linus Torvalds”. This major release has powered more than top 500 fastest and effective supercomputers in the world. Because of the huge popularity of the OS, it has been revealed that Microsoft is joining hands with rival Linux. Linux Training is easy compared to other operating systems.

Linux Mint 19.2 “Tina” has been the major update in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS-based 19.x series of Linux Mint. This is the long term support version release which will be supported until 2023.


Enhanced Update Manager:

By using this we can easily manage different kernel updates from the update manager. It provides an easy way to install or uninstall/remove multiple kernels in a single queue. Furthermore, it supports multiple kernels and also provides you with a flexible way to switch between various kernels whenever you wish.

It even allows us to automate the removal of various kernels which are not needed and it also blacklists the specific update packages.

System Tools:

The latest version of Linux Mint comes with a wide variety of system tools to choose with. In system tools, the new tab named “System Information” is added to its window. This new tab comes into the hands of users and helps them in copying or pasting the information and configurations onto forums to seek support.

Desktop Environment:

The latest version Linux Mint 192 offers enhanced support for various desktop versions such as Xfce desktop, Cinnamon desktop, and MATE desktop. Xfce is mainly designed for less powerful computers. MATE desktops are suitable only for those who prefer traditional GNOME experiences whereas, Cinnamon is considered as the main edition in this latest version.

The codename of Linux Mint 19.2
The official codename of Linux Mint 19.2 is


In this version, there are many new features and bug fixes are included. So, let’s have a look at new features:

  1. More attractive and well-designed wallpapers
  2. By default recent document folders
  3. Enhanced GUI in order to provide a neat interface
  4. Newly added Mint menu to distinguish the duplicate apps
  5. Advanced BOOT Repair tool on the iso file
  6. Reduced RAM consumption than the previous version
  7. Reliable and high-level scroll bar settings
  8. Advanced software manager to fetch the Missing GPG keys
  9. OS is more smooth in this version
  10. Availability of updates in Mint GTK themes

Basic System Requirements

In order to install Linux Mint 19.2, you need some basic system requirements and they are as follows:

4.200 GB
5.RAM Required
6.2 GB

Should you upgrade?

If we upgrade to the latest version you will be benefited with various advantages. The latest version offers you effective performance improvements. The optimizations made to latest enhanced window manager reduces the efforts of input lag and makes it feel lighter and smoother. In this updated version you can configure the scroll the way you want it to be. The new welcoming addition in this version is it enables file sharing with the help of Cinnamon 4.2. Moreover, the introduction of Noto fonts instead of Ubuntu font is the most sought-after skill in this version.

Procedure or Steps to upgrade Linux Mint 19.2 version?

If you are running already with earlier versions of Linux Mint then upgrading to a newer version becomes very easy. All you need to do is need to follow some sequence of steps and they are:

  1. First thing is to create a system snapshot.
  2. Prepare for upgrading by disabling your screensaver.
  3. We need to first launch the update manager and open it.
  4. Now, you need to refresh the update manager in order to load the latest available updates.
  5. Once you are done with the above two steps, simply click on the edit option to find the option called “Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.2 Tina”.
  6. Finally, click on upgrade to Linux Mint 19.2 Tina and then follow the on-screen instructions to get easily updated to the latest version.

Linux Mint Download Links are as follows:

Linux Mint Download

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Marcin Szałomski

I don't get this article. Mint 19.3 has been just released and here the publication about new features of 19.2?

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Anji Nani

Hi, Marcin Szalomski

I agreed with you about Current and latest version Linux Mint version is 19.3


Perhaps It was released on the same date that you've commented about this post

By the way thanks for the comment
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