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GatsbyJS with Netlify CMS

GatsbyJS is a powerful framework based on React; combined with Netlify CMS and Bulma CSS you can create fast apps with zero server configuration. 🚀

Personal Web

About two weeks ago I created a personal website for my girlfriend Sarah Stand, just for fun and practice. It was easy to get the app up and running with the Netlify CMS Starter, cloned to my GitHub account and deployed with Netlify in less than a minute. Building the UI was easy with Bulma CSS because it comes with many common components like sidebar, hero, sections, bottom navigation bar. At this moment she's able to edit the content (text and images) all within Netlify CMS's page editor, that'll trigger a commit and push into the GitHub repository updating the markdown files required to load the react components. Where the magic happens ✨

Landing page

Another day I worked on a landing page for my startup. The CTA was to have the user submit the form, so I decided to give it a try to Gatsby with the previous starter template. The Netlify's built-in form handling is an awesome feature, it detected the form tag in the website and you can start receiving submissions in no time, zero server configurations. Additionally, I could configure an email and slack message notifications with a few clicks! 👌

It was an enjoyable experience to develop with all of these tools. I'm thinking about new features to work on it, probably I'll test out the blog that cames with NetlifyCMS. Let me know any suggestion you have and I'll take it into account for upcoming websites 💭


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