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I hear this a lot on instagram, " consistancy can take you atleast 2 years ahead in life in 6-10 months. I am an Angular dev in ADP, I always start learning and leave it in the middle never complete it, I know there are many people out there the same way, I feel super happy that I am starting something out, but end up learning a little. Therefore for this I am keeping a track in an excel sheet, we know that keeping the count of the streak motivates us, therefore I am doing the same using Excel sheet. I am challenging myself to do this for 60 days, minimum time one hour. Lets see how it goes, I am going to update the same in one week.
Well for what I am leanring, it is mordern CSS and git and github. I know HTML and CSS and little bit of git, but trying to learn even more and become a better developer.

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