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Play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game on Your Android Mobile & Desktop

Google Chrome is, without a doubt, the most used internet browser. Apart from the speedy web browsing, it is also known for its hidden Chrome Dinosaur game.

Do You know you can enjoy the Google Chrome Dinosaur game on both Android mobile as well Desktop? Well, that’s true!

Let me tell you how to do that on Android mobile.

Playing Dino Game on Android Mobile

Say your mobile neither have an internet connection nor you have a WiFi nearby. In such case, if you’ll open the Chrome app and enter any website URL.

The following screen will load, telling you that you are offline.

The tiny 8-bit dinosaur is right there, all set to come alive. Just tap on the dinosaur twice and the game will start automatically.

You will see a scoreboard on the top right corner of the screen. It increases with the distance your little t-rex runs without hitting into any of the hurdles.

The controls of this google chrome dinosaur game are very simple.All you have to do is to tap on the screen to make the dinosaur jump over the hurdles which are actually cacti plants.

If you hit any of them, the screen will show ‘Game Over’ and your final score will be displayed on the scorecard.

Playing Dino Game on Desktop

Playing this fun no-internet game is also easy on Desktop as well. The process is quite similar like we followed for android mobile.

Here’s how you can do it.

Firstly, you have to disconnect your desktop computer from the Internet. Just turn off the WiFi connectivity. If you’re using Windows 10, you can also switch to Airplane mode.

Once you are off the internet, open the Google Chrome on your desktop computer. Now, enter any website URL in the address bar.

You will be greeted by the following screen.

The same little t-rex is there on the screen. The trick to turn this lifeless dinosaur into a running game is ‘Spacebar’.

While you are on this ‘No Internet’ page, just hit the Spacebar once. That’s it. Your chrome dino game will start automatically.

Alternatively, you can also double click on the t-rex and it will start running.

Now, you just need to make the dinosaur jump over the hurdles without hitting them. If you hit any of the hurdles, your game is over.

Playing the chrome dino game on desktop gives you more control. You can not only jump over the hurdles but can also duck down to avoid hitting the flying birds.

To jump, use the Spacebar or Up arrow key and to duck, use the Down arrow. This duck feature is not available when you play this game on a mobile device.

I find this game superfun and play it often on my android mobile whenever there’s no internet.

On mobile, it is a little more difficult as you have a very less amount of reaction time to make the dinosaur jump especially when it is moving faster.

I think Google Chrome deserves an applause for embedding such a fun, light and addictive game right inside the browser. Oh Google! We love you for that.

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