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Project Ideas for a Hackathon (Going for the first time)

I am a CSE sophomore in India. There is a hackathon being organized by AngelHack next month in which I want to participate.

They are asking us to build something that solves a social or environmental problem and positively impacts our local community.

I will be going to the hackathon with 2 of my friends. I have experience in MERN stack (1 year), one guy knows ML (doesn't have a lot of experience) and the other has done Frontend work.

We are ready to learn new things (that's the goal) if our project requires us to. As it is our first ever hackathon so we are not sure what to build.

It would be a great help if you guys can give us some suggestions. Thanks.

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I really need a powerful webpage bookmark manager to save interesting links.

I know pocket is a cool tool but I can't write notes and share links in it.

If people can discuss event in such an app, many fun things could happen.

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It doesn't take much experience in ML to get the hang of basic resource planning algorithms so one thing you could try to do is combine a GIS interface with messaging and planning functions that could be used to coordinate distribution of left over food or other resources from households or companies to less fortunate and impoverished people. Perhaps as a kind of library for useful, locally available items that otherwise would be hard for some members of society to benefit from.

I'm not sure to what extent this is already done in India but in some other places it is fairly common to use e.g. Facebook groups and the like to coordinate it locally, sometimes it is even incorporated as business.