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Completed my CodeCademy Web Dev Career Path Today

Hello everyone,

Today I feel glad to share that I've just completed my Web Development Career Path for which I've been working for a long time. With a continuous streak every day, I learned a lot of things about JS Frameworks and libraries like React, node, express, handlebars, mocha, chai, and many more. It's been a wonderful journey since in the beginning I barely know only the basics of JavaScript and now I feel a lot more confident about it.

The course begins with HTML Basics and ended with Test Driven Development using JavaScript frameworks like Mocha and Chai. On the way, you learn CSS from the beginning to a fairly good level including Flexbox and box-model just excluding the animation part which too I'm preparing to complete on Codecademy. It also teaches you database management including SQL and mongoDB.

It begin when I found out that Codecademy is giving out free pro memberships, before that, I've already completed some Ruby and SQL courses earlier when there was no pro system there, so I was following Codecademy since then. I applied for the pro membership and when I got one since I was already eager to learn Web Development, I thought to give it a shot.

I did some wonderful projects like creating my app to create a Spotify playlist using API (It sounds cool), some basic games, a lot more things using frameworks, SQL Applications, etc. The course has a lot of things including both front end and back end.

Though I've completed the path, I know that I still need a lot more practice and need to learn to lot more to become efficient, but as they say, every step matters. Also, Codecademy mostly teaches the basics and you need to do a lot more practice to become efficient, but it very much introduces you to some new concepts and languages.

I haven't even joined college yet and hence I'm looking forward to explore many other options too including Data Science and Machine learning.

Looking forward to learn a lot more new things and thanking CodeCademy for this opportunity. :)

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