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Promoting your SaaS product through Appsumo

The other day I was reading a cool article on Appsumo Deals by the founder of one of my favorite apps - Krisp (my 2 previous posts are also about this app if you want to explore).
It recently launched on one of the lifetime deal platforms called Appsumo and the results were quite outstanding to say the least.

  • $214,500 total sales during the entire launch period
  • 1,000 purchases in one day
  • 5,500 new active users

Okay, so Appsumo is a lifetime deal platform where the coolest innovative products are offered for a very cheap price for lifetime. The Appsumo community is full of innovative and tech savvy people who have a passion for technology.

Launching on this platform scores you a lot of connections, valuable feedback for your product, possible new use cases and features and most of all positive vibes that your product is headed in the right direction.

One of the most difficult things for your new SaaS product is getting the right audience for it without having to spend much budget. And how does that work? By utilizing the right platforms.

Appsumo will help you not only generate some revenue but also improve your product and have a backup audience who is willing to test it and become a part of its story. The only thing you have to do is prepare for the launch the best you can.

You just submit your product on their website and wait for review. Once you're set up for the launch, you will have to spend a couple of sleepless nights with your team to keep up with the customer support. Sumo-lings (Appsumo community members) can ask questions, give feedback and leave reviews everywhere - on your Appsumo product page, in social media, on your website (which means you need to have a customer support chat tool).
There are other vital aspects that you need to consider before launching, but I'll leave that to the Krisp article.
For now all this sounds busy but exciting at the same time - worth a shot for your SaaS product.

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