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Krisp App that removes noise during calls is now officially available for both Mac and Windows

I recently wrote a post about this new AI app that removes background noise while you're in a call with someone. It's called Krisp and it's backed up by Deep Neural Networks.

So, essentially it works bidirectionally, which means it cancels the noise going from you to other call participants (Krisp Microphone), and the noise coming from other call participants to you (Krisp Speaker). All you do is choose it as a microphone and speaker from the conferencing app of your choice (like Slack, Zoom, Skype, Webex or anything your prefer) and then enjoy the calls.

For the most important part - it works with any conferencing app (that allows to change audio settings), any headset or headphones (wired and wireless) and any microphone and speaker.

Now the app officially launched as a full product for both Mac and Windows. They changed up the interface a bit, which looks way cool.

They introduced 2 new free and paid plans - Krisp for Individuals and Krisp for Teams

Using the app to remove noise coming from others to you (Krisp Speaker) is free of charge, while if you want to remove your own noise as well, you will have to upgrade to Krisp Premium ($20/month or $120 a year). Of course, there's a 14 day free trial with no credit card required.

Krisp for teams works the same way. You register with your corporate email and use Krisp to remove other's noise for free, and upgrade ($20/month/user) to Krisp Premium to remove your own noise too.

What I think is the best about Krisp now, is that they have a neat referral program.

You can basically share Krisp with a personal link to friends and earn free credits.

  1. Invite one friend - you get Krisp free credits for 3 months, while they get 2.
  2. Invite 2 friends - you get Krisp for half a year while they get for 2.

This works differently for Krisp for teams. Here you get to invite as many team members as you want (with the same corporate email) and you all get Krisp for free for half a year. You'll have to make sure it's done within the first 7 days of your own registration.

For now, I believe this app has a great potential as a productivity app along with other windows and mac productivity apps. It will be an extra help for all remote workers, freelancers, teams and enterprises out there.

I'm excited to see what they'll do in the future.

The app's been featured on Product Hunt as the Product of the Day. You can check their official Krisp Website and test the app yourself.

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