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AI in the Field of Audio Communications

An interesting find of a noise cancelling app called Krisp which is backed up by DNN.

AI is taking a new turn in the field of audio communications. This AI powered new noise cancelling app mutes background noise in real time calls with low latency. The DNN is trained to remove background noise from the human voice allowing the person to continue the call noiselessly without any interruptions.

The app is an additional layer between the laptop's physical microphone&speaker and the conferencing app that is used for the call. It works with any conferencing app which allows you to choose the microphone and speaker.

The way it works is simple: If you choose it as a microphone it adds a virtual microphone that receives audio from the real microphone. Then the audio is processed, the noise is removed and the audio is transmitted to the conferencing app. This is the function called "Speak" allowing you to speak without noise.

If you choose Krisp as a speaker, it will add a virtual speaker that will receive the audio from the conferencing app, process it to remove noise and then transmit it to the physical speaker. This will allow you to listen to other call participants without noise, while they don't even have the app installed.

The audio processing is done locally on the device, so no audio is stored anywhere or sent to the servers.

The app has gained quite the popularity ever since its launch in October of 2018. It was featured on TechCrunch, Product Hunt, HackerNews, Nvidia and more.
Many people have tested it and gave their opinion that this app will work perfectly for all the remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads out there.

The app has a new unique perspective on the remote world and is a new productive way to take your remote conferencing to the next level. With the growing number of windows and mac productivity apps, Krisp can make it into the list and add a more professional experience to those working remotely.

To be short and concise - you can now remove background noise without having to mute yourself or others during calls. All you do is switch on this app and that's it.
It's curious as to where is this idea going to expand and how much further can AI take us in the field of audio communications.

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Vicente G. Reyes

I've used this since the last quarter of the last year and also use it when I record in GarageBand. It really kills the background noise.