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Bring the software test automation services in your team

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What is your biggest desire when it comes to creating a mobile application? The answer is simple - to release the flawless product, saving time and money. That’s what software test automation services can help you to accomplish.

Let’s look closer at the benefits of using automation testing.

Saves money

At first, it will look like it doesn’t. Yes, testing is expensive: you have to make a research, find the best team and buy the software. However, it will pay off as soon as hundreds of hours that manual testers could spend are replaced with the software quality assurance testing services doing the job perfectly with zero energy or accuracy losses.

We are coming to the next advantage - time-saving.

Saves time

Having a team is very important, and there is nothing wrong to hire the AI to be an effective part of it. While software quality assurance testing services work on several computers simultaneously, your team can focus on other tasks and get rid of long manual work.

Guarantees good reputation

Users are very picky. They have loads of similar apps at their fingertips, and if your app has bugs like freezing, the user will get rid of it immediately. Automation testing identifies all kinds of bugs thoroughly and quickly, increasing the chances to release a flawless product. If you don’t want the users to notice any issues and tell about them in the comment section, let the automated testing do its job.

As you can see, there are many great advantages. Romexsoft deals with 8 areas, that can be automized and boost your product’s quality.


Regression testing is crucial when it comes to checking additional new features of your app. It ensures that previous parts of code are not damaged by the new ones.

It’s more effective to use the automated version than hire manual testers, because the program can be used several times, until the app is completely fixed.

These are the tools used in regression testing software:

QA Wizard Pro

At the stage of unit testing, the program checks the individual code parts separately. It ensures the smallest units work properly before the whole code is created.

Moreover, unit testing pushes the app developer to work hard on the correctness of the inputs and outputs, as well as defining criteria for the proper work of code parts.

Use the unit testing and don’t waste your time fixing the bug after the whole code is done.

Look closer at these tools:



Users won’t wait even 5 seconds for the app to load. The perfect speed of performance can be reached with the software performance testing services. They allow evaluating how the app behaves with hundreds of people using it. The testing goes on different devices at the same time.

Romexsoft team uses the best tools to check and optimize the loading speed:


Instead of checking individual parts, functional testing examines an overall program. In other words, it compares the expected outputs with the real ones and whether they meet the users’ requirements.

These are some software quality assurance testing services suited for that job:

Selenium WebDriver

Any app needs an appealing design. However, if the clickable areas don’t lead where they must to, the user will never use the product. At first sight, the manual testers can check every icon or button. Unfortunately, the number of variations can be up to more than 5000. That is a good reason to let the software test automation services do it for your team.

Some of them are:

Selenium WebDriver

Imagine that you’re building the house. Will you check the stability of the construction step by step, or do that at the very end? Surely, you may start with examining the base.

The development of the product is similar to building the house. Before creating the whole, it’s crucial to check core features like opening the interface or checking the functionality of the main button.

Smoke testing perfectly deals with that accompanied by such tools:

Selenium WebDriver

evaluates the work of the software in connection with the criteria, so that customers are satisfied. Besides, it checks the quality of operational processes and claims whether the product is stable, reliable and portable.

To check the user and operational acceptance use these instruments:


The team of app developers create the product in ideal conditions, but nobody knows how the app will behave on certain devices. What resolution, network or screen input methods are suitable for it? What if the app doesn’t allow picking up the call and then return to its previous state? These and ton of other issues are solved by mobile application testing services.

To check all the possible incompatibilities keep an eye on the following tools:

As you can see, many leakages of time, money and reputation are hiding behind app development. However, with the Romexsoft’s software qa testing services you can be 100% sure in your final product.


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