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Closing out 2020 with Scrimba's 24 Days of #JavaScriptmas

Aside: This feels weird given it's my first post to the public since I stopped using Tumblr in my teenage years 🙈, but here we go!

Hello internet! This is Anna (she/her). 🐒

I'm nearly 4 months into my coding journey with Ada Developers Academy (go C14!), and two weeks into learning Javascript.

One of our instructors shared Scrimba's Javascriptmas challenge, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit amidst a pandemic... right?? ☃️

Anywho, this will be short - I'm really just here for a spiffy certificate and Discord badge (does one need a Discord account to get the badge?!). Jokes aside, shoutout to all the other folks out there learning to code. 💪

Solutions below:

  1. Candies
  2. Deposit Profit
  3. Chunky Monkey
  4. Century from Year
  5. Reverse a String
  6. Sort by Length
  7. Count Vowel Consonant
  8. The Rolling Dice
  9. Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers
  10. Adjacent Elements Product
  11. Avoid Obstacles
  12. Valid Time
  13. Extract Each Kth
  14. Maximal Adjacent Difference
  15. Carousel
  16. Insert Dashes
  17. Different Symbols Naive
  18. Array Previous Less
  19. Alphabet Subsequence
  20. Domain Type
  21. Sum of Two
  22. Extract Matrix Column
  23. Social Media Input
  24. Spinning Wheel

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