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My Coding "Why"

Ever since the tender age of five, my dream was to become a teacher, assign homework and bake cookies for my students.

I’m here to tell, you I did just that!

For a decade, this was the challenging and often syrupy sweet job I’d always wanted. Until it wasn’t.

Even though it felt like I was throwing away a perfectly good career, I wanted to keep learning: health coach, shoe salesperson, personal trainer, and mama.

Then in 2018, I was hired to work for an ed-tech company in New York City. This, my dear readers, ignited the spark. I got to see software engineers and developers in action, and the results were magical. I was officially intrigued.

Compared to guiding customers on how to fill out their tax form, I wanted to be the one to advise on that line of code that could transform a page.

I first dabbled in HTML and CSS on freeCodeCamp, which proved my interest was real. Knowing I’d need the accountability as well as curricular guidance, I applied to Flatiron and a week later was accepted.

Six months of coding, sweating, and building the most supportive community, I graduated as a Software Engineer with a new lease on life.

I learned that I could learn anything (you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!) and that has opened up my world.

With a solid foundation in Ruby and JavaScript and beautiful frameworks, I’m embarking upon the next segment of this journey. Coding, learning, growing. Looking forward to any and all opportunities to do so!

If you made it all the way to the bottom, thanks so much for reading. I’d love to hear what brought you here - get in touch any time.

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Stefanie Davis

Flatiron grad brought me here! And it's always great to learn about the stories of how people got into code and especially bootcamps.

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Anna Wijetunga

Aww yes I hear you! It's never the same, which makes it extra exciting to hear about! And congrats to you on all that you've done thus far - I know you've worked awfully hard!