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Discussion on: Are you in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault?

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Annie Taylor Chen • Edited

I thought everyone gets it, as an encouragement during the covid period... now I checked again and found it's something else, lol. No matter what, happy to get a badge! (I wonder what's in the "more" section because I won't archive that one page svelte hacker news repo....
my github

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Anna Wijetunga

Ha ha, thank you so much, Annie, for your comment about my post and image! I knew I'd made a boo-boo so I quickly deleted and tried again - and finally got it right! Looks like my old version still appeared a few places, but hopefully, that'll peter out soon. But thanks for speaking up!!

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Annie Taylor Chen

yeah I saw that... then I deleted my comment too lol.

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Nick Taylor (he/him) Author • Edited


Robert Redford nodding in a forest