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DSP 909- Open-Source Lab1

Hey everyone, thanks for reading my Blog post in our first Assignment Release 0.1, we were asked to make the Static Site Generator. I have named it (ag-ssg) you can look at it here, this is my Github repo. In this project we were supposed to create the tool which can convert the .txt file type to .html file type. In this version of our project, User can use the command line tool to specify the particular text file or particular folder which contains multiple text files to convert all of them to .html files.
For lab 1 we need to find the partner from our class and collaborate with them using the different platform so that we can review their code and let them review our work as well.
The main purpose of this lab is so that we collaborate with our partner and find the problem in our code since all the software will always have problems or bugs.
Moreover, with the help of this lab, I was able to grow my network, and it showed me how we actually work in the open-source environment, like by sharing our code, let them help us and increase our debugging problems.

  • I have got the chance to review Arryell Paris code. I know him personally, but this was the first time we actually shared the code to review each other's work. With the help of this lab, it allows me to find the mistakes in his work and let me go throw my mistakes.

  • When I was testing Arryell Paris code, it was not fully complete yet but some functionally was working to the reasonable expectation I came across many different and better coding way which he was using in his project to get the particular output.

  • Letting someone test and review my code was really helpful. As I came to know about a lot of issues which were currently on my project. Since, during the time of review my code was not fully working according to the asked output. Arryell really helped me a lot and put me on the right track on how I can fix my bugs. During the time of Lab 1, my command line argument was not fully working. He helped me a lot to fix these issues.

Links to issues which i have found in Arryell Repo

`Issues 1
Lot of Missing information in file
Forget to mention dependencies
How to run the tool.
All other basic information.

Issues 2
Tried to run the code with -i command as mentioned in the instruction.
No output file was created

Issues 3
Two optional implementation are missing.
Also missed to mention in file

Issues 4
Folder was not created when tool was run in command line to store the .html files

Issues 5
-v -- version command was not running according to instructions

Links to issues which i have found in my-ssg

Issues 1
A few minor spelling errors are present in the file.
Which i have fixed it now and updated my file.
Issues 2
The help message printed to the console by the --help flag only prints the program name, version number and "help:true".
Issues 3
Attempting to run npm link on the CLI gives an error. There is problem with the pacakages.
Issues 4
Version number in package.json is listed as 0.1.
Version number should be in the format x.x.x. I recommend using 0.1.0.
Issues 5
Error when attempting to use --input flag


  • Few of the issues are not resolved yet in my code I am still tyring to fix them as soon as possible.

  • Overall, collaborating with Arreyell Parris in common was a good experience for me since in this lab we have to use Github and create the Github issues so that they can fix the issue and improve their project. I have learned how to collaborate and work efficiently in the team to properly fix some discovered bug in my code. Debugging is always challenging for me with the great help it really becomes easy and more understandable for me.

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