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GSoC report. Week 6

First release is coming!

Here I am another week! This week I have made a lot of progress in the project! Perl6::Documentable now has a command line version with a lot of options to customize the build process or only generate the parts you want to.

I also want to release the 1.0.0 version of this module`. In order to that, I made a project in GitHub, to manage the related issues, where you can see a detailed report of my work this week.

But, why do I want to make a release? Because now it only contains the current logic, without any changes (well, there are some, but they do not change the final result), including the errors. So now it's the time to fix those errors, modify the current behavior and start to keep track of the changes. When that's done, we will have a stable system where we will be able to move towards the new documentation system.

Those errors/problems are described here and here. You can see there is a considerable amount of them. My intention is to fix them while I upgrade the initial version, releasing several patches (1.x.x).

In addition, I have started a wiki in the repo to explain more deeply some functionality, because in the README I have only added the API docs. At this moment it only contains one post about how Perl6::Documentable::Registry is initialized and what kinds of Perl6::Documentable objects you will find there. I will complete it with the following pages:

  • Working with the registry: some examples about how to use lookup or grouped-by to fully understand what's going on under the hoods.
  • Attributes: if you take a look at Perl6::Documentable you will see a lot of strange attributes like categories, kind, subkinds, etc. In the API docs is described how they are set but not what they mean or why they are chosen like that.

And that's all for this week! Among others things, the results of the Perl 6 annual survey has already been published here, check them out!

Thanks for reading

Don't be shy, let me know what you think of this project in the comments ☺️.

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