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Work report! Week 5

Here I am again! This week I have been a little busy with personal matters so I have not been able to work as hard as expected. Anyway, quite a few progress has been made.

Spinf Off Pod::Convenience issue #2696

This module is used at a lot of different files in perl6/doc. Its main aim is to provide functions to work with Pod objects: create them, modify them, etc. I have spun it off in Pod::Utilities, where code have been split between functions that modify pod structure and functions which create Pod objects.


As you can see in some issues ( #1952, #717, ... ), we really need a cache system to decrease testing and build time. Parse all pods to get Perl6 code takes a while and currently this is being made around three times in the process.

What we want with a cache system is something like this:

That means, compiles the pod once and use them everywhere. Luckily, @finanalyst made a module to compile and cache pod files => Pod::Cached.

Last Friday, my mentor, @JJ, and I were taking a look to how it was made and solving some issues (you can see my handsome face here).

Mini-doc set

Perl6::Documentable was published last week with all processing related logic so I already know almost all things being considered to generate the doc site.

Because of that, I have updated the doc set in the mini-doc repo, adding a Feature check list to the (suggested by @jj), containing all things that should be present in that set.


Ant that has been all! I know this week has not been so productive but well, some work has been done. This week I will be working on:

  • Add index generation logic to Perl6::Documentable.
  • Start and hopefully finish the new module responsible of taking a Perl6::Documentable::Registry and generate the HTML files needed for the site.

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