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The universe is a dick, but also a great friend.

I think it was this month I watched on youtube a short video with Dan Peña. A very short video. I liked a very small part of it.

"When I do feel wimpish, which isn't too often. I just say, "What's wrong with you, you c**t. Come on." And I just go out and do it. And I do that about my entire life."

After that I think youtube decided to show me some other of Dan Peña's videos and yesterday I watch one of his long videos.

Well, well, well...

Here you go.

I didn't watch or read anything of self-help kind for a long time. Because they are mostly the same. Nothing really new here.

Well, Dan Peña is kind of the same. I don't think that his advice is much different. The difference is how he conveys these messages. One of them is go do something uncomfortable. Make it a habit. I bet that you already know that.

Here's one weird thing though.

I watched that video and took many things to heart.

At last year's winter I started doing cold therapy. I would take a bucket of cold water and go outside. Later I discover that there is a Wim Hof movement and people basically do the same thing.

This year, however, instead of the bucket I stared doing cold showers. Let me tell you. It's different. Cold showers are harder and colder. I guess, it's because you have to be there longer and bucket of cold water takes just about a second. Granted I live in Russia and do that outside in the snow with my bare feet. Nevertheless, cold showers seems to be harder for me. More uncomfortable.

I do them often but not everyday.

So after the Dan's video I started to rethink my attitude towards uncomfortable situations. That's truly where the real growth happens.

Think about it. All of us were in the womb. We all were comfortable receiving the food from the mother. We didn't have to chew anything, we didn't have to use our bodies that much. We didn't even use lungs!!!

Nine months in... we feel super relaxed... but then something starts to happening... you turn upside down... the water breaks... you start to feel a lot of pressure from all sides... it comes from everywhere... and then you get outside and you have to use your lungs! After that you learn to see the light, to eat with your mouth, then to chew, and the learn to crawl, to walk, etc.

All of this is outside of comfort zone.

So the weird thing is... I decided to embrace uncomfortable things... and what do you know the universe gives a chance to prove myself without actually doing anything.

Today, I took a cold shower and will take them everyday... but what's more important a guy have contacted me about some Elm gig... which isn't that difficult for someone with more experience, but for me... I'm out of my element... but I said yes to the guy... that I will take care of it. I'm very uncomfortable and more than anything I don't want to fail the guy. So I'd like to use someone's help who knows Elm and when the guy's pay and I will transfer that money to you. It's not much, but it's my first gig out of the blue.

Because I'm on the clock, won't waste more time, I'll just leave my coordinates here:
Telegram: @anton_rich
discord: anton_rich#1310 anton_rich

Or just follow me here on dev to and I will follow you back and we DM.
I will also make a post on elm slack to ask for help.

p.s. Asking for help is also one of the things that I'm uncomfortable with.
p.p.s I will try to solve everything myself of course. I'm just not sure I'll be able to deliver on time even though requirements are simple.

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Gives a different meaning to “You’ve got a friend in me.”