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Classic snake game in Linux terminal

You must have played the classic snake game on feature phones like Nokia 1100.

Now you can again play the same game in Linux terminal.

For this, you need to install nsnake package by running below command in terminal.

sudo apt-get install nsnake

After the package is installed, run the game by running nsnake command.

Use the up and down arrow keys to change to game mode to Borders On and Borders Off.

Use left and right arrow keys to change the speed.

Press enter or space to start the game once you are done with settings.

You can exit the game by pressing q key.

Rules are the same as they were in the classic game.

If you collide with yourself (snake), you die. Game over.

Download the latest version of this game from Github.

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anpos231 profile image

Snake is my favourite game. I think I once made a replica in almost anything you can make it on.

devhammed profile image
Hammed Oyedele

Nice, but the initial speed is very slow...can you please improve it?