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Anurag Yadav
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First Experience with Hacktoberfest (2021)

🙌[Introduction and Background]

My name is Anurag Yadav. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering in CSE department from Chandigarh University, Chandigarh, India.

I am not an expert in any language but a person who is eager to learn new things instead of just sitting and getting bored. Back in 2020, when I was in my first year of graduation. I came to know about Hacktoberfest 2020, what it is? what's the benefit of taking part in Hacktoberfest? and moreover heard the concept of open source.

[Why I didn't participated in Hactoberfest 2020]

🤔To be honest, back then I didn't knew what opensource is? and how it is making a great impact in every technical field. So, I had no confidence as well as no knowledge about Github and open source. I just make up my mind to wait for the next big Hactoberfest 2021 and till then learn the concepts of Github, Open Source and How to be a part of any open source community?

Hacktoberfest Blog

[Finally❤️, Hacktoberfest 2021 Is Here!]

Let's go pack my bagpacks for this amazing vacation
So, after a long awaiting period, Hacktoberfest 2021 is finally here.

In 2020, I had learned how to use Github and collaborate with some of good developers on some open source projects. So, now I am confident of myself that I can contribute to Hactoberfest 2021 this time.

[How I Contributed?]

The task was basically simple that

For being a part of Hacktoberfest, one needs to sign up on official Hacktoberfest 2021 Website
Secondly, contribute to any Hactoberfest Marked repository, finalizing at least 4 PR's.

I managed to find more than 4 projects I could contribute to, to be honest most of them were aimed at beginner's level.

My Contributions⭐

My Profile

[What's there for you, Dear Reader!]🤔

I have spent quite a long time every day looking for some good repositories to contribute to, so here I am listing some of them. For information, if you are beginners and are not much aware about contributing to some open source software development, then no worries the below listed repositories doesn't need any expertism to contribute.

These repositories are just for new comers who want to contribute towards Hacktoberfest but are not able to find out any good repository.

[Final Thoughts!]

🙌Want to see how much I contributed?

Check out here Anurag Yadav's Github Repository

Thanks to DigitalOcean, Appwrite, Github, Intel, DeepSource for organizing the #HacktoberFest event.

I am having a great experience and learning alot about working with Github and open-source. Waiting for the results of this Hactoberfest 2021. In future, Next year I will contribute more meaningful code.

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