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Andrew Petro
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To a new, ill colleague

It takes courage to rely upon humane culture, especially when vulnerable.


Feel better soon.

Thanks for taking the sick time rather than dragging yourself in.

Culture is what we do. The way to strengthen a culture of supporting people resting and recovering when they're sick is to do it. I appreciate it can be especially uncomfortable to be new, and I appreciate your taking care of yourself (and minimizing spread of the plague) anyway.

When you are well and back in, I hope I'll have opportunities to help you bounce back here at work.

As ever,


(Alice is a pseudonym).

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Lewis Clarke

This is a really good response to this situation, there are so many people who feel they cannot call in sick to a new job, and instead sit at their desk achieving nothing and infecting everyone.

Thanks for being a good boss/ co-worker. We need more people to act like this.