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[The Best iOS Project Ever]

Find My Fit iOS App

The app was developed using Swift 5, SwiftUI, SDWebImage, Apollo, PostgreSQL and Apple ARKit 3, for the augmented reality feature.

[Comment]: # This app is the first version to be developed, following by an Android version next year. As the Team Lead, I had to plan and control the execution of the project on time and scope, and as a Developer, I developed the Augmented Reality feature and SignIn with Face ID. All the project team was formed by 15 resources with the client's team and our development team, with also the UX/UI design team. Due to the short time that we had to develop all the features (3mos), we had to focus on the priority list and develop with excellence. The final result: we got an A+ grade AND three of us got hired by the company, and now we're developing the remaining features.

[Note]: The app is still under development with a forecast to be deployed to Apple Store this year.

Demo Video Link:

Link to Code: Unfortunately, since it's a startup company and we have a signed NDA, the code now is not accessible to anyone.

[Final Note]: I'll be selected because "I'm the best of the best of the best, sir!"

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