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Powerful Devs Conference

Want to learn about how to leverage Fusion Teams and the Power Platform to build applications faster and with less code?  

Join our experts at #PowerfulDevsConf on Sep 14, 8–11:30 PT (GMT+8).

You'll hear from community members, Microsoft MVP's and Microsoft execs.  This is a LIVE event with a variety of topics ranging from custom connectors to ALM and more!

Scott Guthrie will kick things off with a fireside chat on why code-first devs should embrace the Power Platform.  And we have an amazing closing keynote with Charles Lamanna and Amanda Silver as they talk about all the latest and greatest innovations and their take on the future of development.  

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Every application that a professional developer builds should not have code before. The Powerful Days conference will show how developers can embrace fusion development teams. Witch spell for love