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Be Careful About Timezones In Backend and Frontend Development

Dear Devs,

Today I ran into an issue regarding timezones
When I was working on the local host the backend , frontend(browser) and the database all ran on the same machine which is my laptop in a single timezone.

But when I push to production the dates in the backend and the dates in the frontend was 5 hours apart.
This is because the server and the frontend resided in different time zones.

I checked the backend code and the database they were fine , and the frontend code also didn't show any issues.

When I checked my Javascript code it was using

    <h4>{new Date(startTime).toLocaleTimeString()}</h4>
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which uses local-time which adds 5 hours to the start time
So instead I used UTC time.

the backend code was using UTC time

*So make sure you pay attention to timezones configurations in your database , backend and frontend according to your use case and your execution environments. *

here are some articles that helped me

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