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Weekly Web Roundup - 07

Weekly Web Roundup - Week 07

Was it me or was webdev Twitter extra salty this week? Maybe all the nice people were too busy enjoying the Vue conference in Amsterdam 💁‍♀️.

It'll be a tiny roundup this week because I've been busy on some exciting things. I'm hoping to share that with you soon. In any case, let's start with some news!


  • Last week the Vue.js/Front-end developer love conferences were held and from what I could see on Twitter people had a blast. The location was banging, the screen looked out of this earth and I'm sure there were many great talks! I'm looking forward to see the slides presented there, if anyone has a link! Keep an eye on the Frontend_Love and twitter accounts.
  • The videos of JSConf.Asia 2018 are online and it's a brilliant collection of talks. The video quality is amazing and the talks are by some of the most inspiring devs out there. There's so much good stuff I barely know where to start, but I greatly enjoyed the talk by Shirley Wu and Nadhie Bremer on Data visualisation!



  • When you want to expose your database as GraphQL API, one of the most used tools is Prisma. Divyendu Singh Did a deep dive into Prisma and it turned into a great resource to get you set-up!
  • André Staltz wrote an intereseting article on the flaws of JavaScript Promises in Promises are not neutral enough. Especially the "Eager, not lazy" part is something I encounter often, although I don't really find it a that big of a problem it's hard to deny that somethings could be even better.
  • Craig Roblewsky shared some great pointers on how to naturally and smoothly morph SVG's with the GreenSock library.
  • Minging Cryptocurrencies with JavaScript is evil!! Or is it? Ber Kessels makes a great case for possible mining in the browser, as long as it is an opt-in of course. Give the article a read before you start yelling that you don't want your computer being converted to an oven with a 3 month lifespan


  • Axe is one of the most used engines for automated accessibility testing of HTML based interfaces. I won't lie, I had never heard of it before but it seems like it deserves more stars. Nick Colley released jest-axe, a library to make the Axe accessibility requirements play nice with Jest.
  • Yangshun Tay created a front-end interview handbook which seems to be useful for employees and employers alike. And how can I not share it when the tagline is "Almost complete answers to 'Front-end Job Interview Questions' which you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself or completely ignore "


Even though I haven't spent that much time on Twitter this week (hence the tiny roundup), what I saw looked like the playa haters' ball. I saw a lot of complaining about libraries nobody is forced to use, on people who "don't belong in our craft" and on experiments not being accessible enough. Discussion is great, but let's be nice!


Thank you for reading and until next week!

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Great work, Arden, thank you.

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Arden de Raaij

🙏🏽 Thank you, that's appreciated!