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Weekly Web Roundup - 06

This weeks roundup arrived a bit late than you're used to, sorry! Life gets in the way at times, so I haven't yet worked on the newsletter or the site yet. I'll keep you posted on that front. In any case, let's have a look at the work of people who actually did push some amazing stuff.


  • Chrome 65 beta is out and includes the CSS Paint API and the ServerTiming API. I'm not totally sure what the CSS Paint API is good for yet, but the ServerTiming API can be used to deliver performance timing information to the browser via HTTP Headers.
  • Googles Web fundamentals keep on improving and now include a chapter on code-splitting and optimizing with Webpack, written by Addy Osmani.
  • JS developers rejoice, for there's a pipeline operator in the... pipeline. As someone with no background in any other programming language I never heard of the concept. It seems to improve the readability of chaining multiple functions a whole lot though, and I'm sure there's other goodness.
  • PWA's are coming to Windows 10. About time!
  • Vue.js now has an official news platform on which you can find all the latest and greatest about the framework. I think it's a great idea and if they update it consistently means that it'll work like a 'single source of truth' as well.

CSS / SVG / Fonts

  • Digital Designer Rafaela Ferro wrote a great article on CSS Grid layouts and how to get started.
  • Jen Simmons' Layout Land videos are quickly becoming my favorite tech video series ever. In this one she will walk you through recreating some classic graphic design layouts with css-grid, transforms and more.
  • Designer and coderKezz Bracey has created a great tutorial on hand coding SVG icons. Not only is it more fun than you'd expect, it also helps your understanding of SVG coordinates.
  • How I design with CSS Grid by Chen Hui Jing. A very enjoyable and informative read on how Hui Jing handles creating layouts with CSS grid. He highlights the visual aspects inherint to the CSS grid system which might make it a lot easier to create solid and reusable code



  • An article in Portuguese today! Wendell Adriel is a Brazilian developer who moved to Portugal and even though he comes from a very different place, his experience here has been as enjoyable as mine! He also explains a bit on the IT market in Portugal, expected salaries and how to position oneself in the market here: The IT Market in Portugal - A personal experience
  • Chris Coyier made some good points on how many websites are the same nowadays in Website sameness on Although I know a boatload of amazing site-designs, most of the designs I come across are a variant of bootstrap. With CSS we have all the tools to create solid yet unique designs. Why don't we? Bootstrap can't be the ultimate webdesign, now can it?
  • I kinda enjoy the blogposts by Delicious Brains. The WordPress plugin development company has been creating solid blogposts (not to mention solid plugins) for a while now, ranging on all kinds of topics. They're always really in-depth and very honest. That's why I enjoyed this 2017 review which is very honest and shows how hard it can be to run and grow a business.
  • The increasing nature of frontend complexity by Kevin Ball is exactly about what you think it is about. It's still very worth the read though, as it's as much about complication as tremendous opportunity!
  • When You’re a ‘Digital Nomad,’ the World Is Your Office - A bleak but, as far as I'm concerned, accurate picture of digital nomadism by Kyle Chayka


  • Mandy Kerr gave a great talk @ SingaporeCSS about creative text effects. There's a whole bunch of cool ideas in her video and just skimming through it makes me want to try them out. Enjoy!
  • is a mini-site for the promotion of a music album. There's some chill music, nice artwork and springy popmotion action. Created by Maxime Le Breton
  •, a super cool and smooth portfolio site.
  • Seriously.. OMG
  • When parallax makes sense:


Public Service Announcements

  • Is this a good idea?
  • aria-label doesn't play nice with automatic translation services:
  • I must admit that I had no idea!
  • The new version of the Vue CLI seems pretty rad
  • This!
  • I need to play this!

What have I been up to?

Enjoying some beautiful scenery in Nazaré, Portugal!

Sunset at Nazaré

Have a great week!

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Lewis Menelaws

Wow! Lots of things covered in this weekly roundup Arden. CSS seems to be really picking up fast this year because of CSS Grid. I am looking forward to more websites being more responsive because of it. :)