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5 Chrome Extension to make Web Dev more Interesting

Areeb ur Rub
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Ever Happened that you wanted to make a project and surfing over internet to find similar websites to get inspirations, so for that you need some tools which I have listed here these are so useful to me and popular as well so might know about some.



Beside Comic Sans and monospace there are many fonts and to choose the right topography can be sometimes pretty daunting and for that we WhatFont

WhatFont will help you Identify the font used in the websites.

Fonts Ninja

WhatFont is get but it don't give much information if you want more like sample text or more info about the font then use font ninja it's feels like an upgrade from what font

Font Ninja have a better UI and I use this rather What Font
Better UI Font Ninja


When we are done with font we need colors for them so for that we have ColorZilla it works as a color picker and tells the color we point at.

Here's an tool for Choosing Colors for website

CSS Peeper

It's so handy to use and basically you can check styling of each elements in a website.
Yeah it gives everything from fonts to margin.
CSS Peeper
Feels like an upgrade to inspect mode.


This extension will tell you which frameworks or plugins are being used in a website.

I have listed only 5 but there are many more useful extension that you might know share it with me and everyone here.

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