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Building serverless CMS

I'm working on an open-source project for a serverless CMS.

The basic concept is that the site pages are being managed (created, edited & deleted) using Client-side JS.

After the page is created/updated/deleted it is uploaded as HTML to the CDN using the CDN API (currently it is GITHUB pages but the concept should work with other platforms such as Firebase etc.)

The developers who will build the sites will have 100% control over the HTML templates, JS & CSS to get exactly the look feel & behavior they want.

After the site will be built Content Administrator will be able to log in to the admin panel using their GIT/CDN API credentials and then will be able to manage the content as they like without any technical knowledge.

The basic concept is complete and ready for forking (for new sites).

I'm trying to get help for this project for:

  1. Development
  2. Explanation & help make this concept more accessible to users
  3. creating themes and plugins
  4. review my code and suggest improvements

The advantages of this project are it's FAST (100% CDN), it's FREE (GPL), and with 100% FULL CONTROL over page structure

project address: (admin pannel sub module)

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