What task/micro-app would you recommend to learn Sidekiq/Redis/Mongo/etc in action (learn by doing)?

ark profile image Ark Shraier ・1 min read

I'm trying to collect various test tasks, challenges from your experience, or micro-app ideas about following Rails related technologies:

  • Sidekiq
  • Redis
  • ElasticSearch
  • something more

In most cases technology is learnt best when you implement some tricky task with some underwater stones.

If you have some test tasks on these or other parts of our Ruby ecosystem, I will appreciate it very much


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An image directory? The user uploads the an image with a title, this image gets processed and catalogued, both the title and the image EXIF data is fed to Elasticsearch and then you have a page where a person can search for indexed images and you match the query inputed by the user with the data you have in ES.

Sidekiq will run the image processing code. For example, this image on flickr (click "show exif") has metadata which could be used for search or filtering.