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The Best Kotlin Resources for 2020

This curated list of awesomely-amazing Kotlin resources is brought you by the makers of Alpas — the rapid and delightful Kotlin web framework.

Newsletters and Blogs

  • Kotlin Blog — The official JetBrains Kotlin blog. Follow this blog to read it straight from the source.
  • Kotlin Weekly — Stay on top of Kotlin news with this weekly newsletter that provides links to what’s happening around the Kotlin world. Sign up for their newsletter on their website; or browse through past editions.
  • Top Kotlin Blogs To Learn More In Kotlin

Learn Kotlin


Kotlin communities abound in 2020. From sub-reddits to Slack, you can surely find a community that suits you best.

List of Lists

These Kotlin resource repositories are the best around. And, of course, most of them are “awesome.” 😎

Additional Resources

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