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Nabil Alamin
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PixAI Dev Log: Day 1

...Beginning & stuff

I'm new to writing blogposts but lets see how this goes...

So I heard about this hackathon a few days ago and I figured it was good an excuse as any to try out some fun ideas. The plan going forth is to submit as many apps as I can for the sake of it...(doing well might also be nice😉😂).

I'm mainly going to be using react for the projects and any other stack as needed.


Sounds real cringe but oh well 🤷‍♀️...PixAI is being created to showcase the beautiful and creative things that can be done on photos using AI. There's gonna be cartooning, illustrations, some style transfer and the classic black&white photo colorization.

All the AI used are API based and no I didn't make any of them I'm simply calling them ( though I created an AI API for another project to also be submitted for the Hackathon, Stay tuned. Anyway, after deciding what AI features needed I went on with the design on paper then moved to coding after the draft.

Spent a couple of hours...(more than I'd like to admit 😢) getting the images used for the examples and also coding the front page.
A screenshot of the top half is my cover image, hope you like it.

Hopefully by tomorrow I can get the second page and the use of the APIs done, wish me luck 🤞.


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