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Nabil Alamin
Nabil Alamin

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PixAI DOHackathon Submission

What I built

An app showcasing fun image processing using AI dubbed PixAI

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Random Roulette

App Link


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PixAI lets you view yourself as a cartoon, zombie and so much more

Link to Source Code

Permissive License

MIT chosen


I always loved AI particularly anything that has to do with vision, so the ability to transform myself into something else motivated me to create this app where people can hopefully be as happy as I when they see their zombie doppelganger 😁🤣

How I built it

First time using Digital App Platform for deployment and it was pretty easy; link up the github repo and the platform did the rest🤙
I also used it for storing my environment variables(which was a new to me) to protect my secrets. The experience building this was pretty nice.


Big ups🙌🙌 to these guys that developed the AI APIs:

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this is cool