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Introducing SpeakCaptcha - A captcha that makes you speak out the answer

Overview of My Submission

SpeakCaptcha is a captcha service that makes you speak out the numbers you see in the image instead of clicking images or typing out text.

Our voice is the easiest and most powerful thing we can use, and so, this makes SpeakCaptcha one of the easiest-to-complete captchas for humans, but still keeps it hard for bots.

SpeakCaptcha is hosted online at, and some examples are hosted at

Submission Category:

Wacky Wildcards

Link to Code on GitHub

GitHub logo arnu515 / speakcaptcha

SpeakCaptcha makes users speak out the captcha to complete it.

SpeakCaptcha -- The Captcha that makes you speak out the answer

The source code for SpeakCaptcha.

Checkout the documentation for instructions on how to use SpeakCaptcha.

Local development

First clone this repository and ensure that you have NodeJS with Yarn and Python with Poetry installed.


  1. cd to the frontend folder.
  2. run yarn install to install necessary packages.
  3. add this to the .env file:

This is used in the documentation and is optional 4. you can either run the app here with yarn dev or build it with yarn build and copy over the dist folder to the backend.


You will need:

  1. A deepgram account

  2. A github account with a github oauth app created already

  3. A locally hosted / cloud hosted mongodb database

  4. Make sure you've setup frontend up until step 3 first.

  5. cd into the backend folder.

  6. run poetry install to install python deps and…

Additional Resources / Info

Demo video:

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