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Introducing Grey Software

Hi Dev Community 👋!

Since May 2020, I've been building Grey Software!

We are a not-for-profit organization registered in Canada 🇨🇦 that makes open-source products with students worldwide and publishes educational content along the way.

Founding Story

Today, I published our founding story!

I wrote about why I chose not to return to Google or UTM (University of Toronto Mississauga), and instead create an organization that would help educate the next generation of software creators.

Investor Pitch

We're seeking $50k+ in non-equity-dilutive funding from Angel Investors and Venture Capital Firms to help us continue our mission!


What does it mean for software to be Grey?

We define Grey Software as software you can trust, love, and learn from.


We'll be opening back up our discord server soon to welcome Hacktoberfest contributors and scout contributors we'd like to contract for development work! Stay tuned 😃

Credits and Gratitude

Our Team & Sponsors

I'm sincerely grateful to our team members and sponsors who have made it possible for us to have the impact we've had so far.

The Open Source Ecosystem

The software world as we know it stands upon the foundations laid down by the open source world.

We are where we are because of the time, energy, and passion of contributors around the world.

We are sincerely grateful for our access to tools that help us create better software.

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