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React95 is out. And it's 🔥

arturbien profile image Artur Bień ・1 min read

Windows95 celebrates its 25th anniversary this September, so we decided to finally release React95 v3.0 "Anniversary Edition". 🎉🥳

Give it a star on Github, and see it in action in this demo app.

New release comes with lot's of improvements:

  • 🎚 new components: Slider, Bar, Progress, ColorInput and more!
  • 🌈 25 color themes: Rainy Day, Olive, Brick..which one you pick?
  • 👨‍💻 accessibility: improved keyboard controls and navigation
  • 💾 new font: original MS_Sans_Serif font
  • 🐛 bugs: ...were finally fixed

If you want to contribute or have any questions about the project or just want to hang out- join our Slack channel!

You can also catch us on Twitter:

Special thanks to Emily Kolar, Andrey Ermakov, Randy Renninger and everybody else who helped us along the way 💗

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Just a nerd who likes to build pretty UI's ♥️


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this is why web devs will never be jobless 😂 yay 🙌 !


It's all fun and games until you see the fonts. 😱


Damn, this is amazing. Immediately felt like I want to build an app using it haha.