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Does FreeCodeCamp Prepare for a Career in Web Development?

Recently, I was asked by a Redditor (who will remain anonymous) if they are on the right path to becoming a web developer by using FreeCodeCamp. I would like to scream, at the top of my lungs, YES! FreeCodeCamp is an amazing resource and curriculum that encapsulates what is necessary to become a full-stack engineer in today's web development industry. Allow me to expand on this thought.

Baby Steps

FreeCodeCamp starts off with the basic building blocks of any web application: HTML and CSS. It is here where new learners begin to build basic webpages. It is also here where new learners get frustrated with how "slowly" they're learning web development and how "boring" the HTML and CSS seem to be. However, you must crawl before you walk. I implore you to continue through the HTML and CSS, no matter how hard it may be to keep motivated.

Trying to Run

After learning HTML and CSS, new learners are asked to create Responsive Web Design projects that truly test their knowledge of HTML and CSS. This may be another point of frustration for many new developers. You may feel as if you gathered the puzzle pieces but haven't a clue where to start putting the puzzle together. My advice is to cut down the forest tree by tree instead of trying to cut the entire forest down all at once. Start by challenging yourself to render that image onto the screen. Next challenge is to center that image. After that is to render some text onto the screen. The challenges go on and on. Just take the project step-by-step!

FreeCodeCamp continues by teaching new developers JavaScript, React, Node and other new technologies. At each step, FreeCodeCamp challenges new developers to create projects. And THIS is where the magic of FreeCodeCamp lies. Projects are THE single most important thing a developer can show their prospective employers. They are great talking points at interviews and (in my opinion) the place where web development are truly developed and honed.

Make every FreeCodeCamp project you make to the best of your abilities. Do not stop at passing the included test cases. Instead, make a project that you'd be proud to show your friends, family and prospective employers. Ask for advice on the FreeCodeCamp forum or Gitter. With every project you complete, you are one step closer to your first web development job or client!

Best of luck!

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xoshly profile image

I agree with you. I am currently using FreeCodeCamp as my education. It is very hard and frustrating at first, but if you stick with it, things will get better and more rewarding.
Thank you for this post. :)

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Aryan J

Best of luck, Ashley! It's all a matter of perseverance and determination. The web development community is super welcoming so feel free to ask questions (no matter how "basic" you imagine them to be). And don't be shy to rely heavily on Google!

You got this! 💪

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Kieu Xuan Manh

Thank you for the helpful advice :)