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Aryan Kaushik
Aryan Kaushik

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Kick Start to my dream Journey- Outreachy'22: Introduction

"Life takes you where you manifest it to"

That's me ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ

Hi, I'm Aryan - a recent graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Chitkara University, Punjab. I've been in Love with Computers since my childhood, primarily because of Video games but during my adolescence, I was eager to know about their functioning and specifications. I can watch a whole tech launch event with the same excitement as watching a movie with popcorn.

My Open Source Journey

Due to many factors, I was unaware of Development Communities and my college focused more on grades rather than focusing on introducing Open Source Community culture. But after watching @Kunal Kushwaha Youtube videos, I got familiar with OpenSource and its community culture and started learning about development. By watching his(Kunal) video, I got to know about the Outreachy internship and its initiative. I started deep diving to know more about it and was super excited to apply for this summer. After my initial application got selected, I can't even express how amazing that moment was. I promised myself even after any odds I will not quit, as life has given me a chance to revive back to what I wanted.


Why "The Enarx Project"

While selecting the organizations during the contribution period, I only focused on contributing to "The Enarx Project" as they are working on an open-source framework for running applications in TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments) using WebAssemby. I was unaware of WebAssembly and its applications but after researching about it and learning its future scope, I was pretty much sure that I made the right move, even if I do not make it to the internship, I was satisfied that I was in a skill-lifting environment.

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The Enarx Project is the part of Confidential Computing Consortium from the Linux Foundation, the folks here are very collaborative and welcoming. As a fellow mentee, I'd like to thank the Community Manager- Nick Vidal sir. In addition to me, he provided the right guidance to all of us contributors and mentored us to the right path. There were many folks who were more proficient than me and were making up numerous commits, but I tried my level best and was focused to contribute as much as possible and ended up making the maximum number of contributions.

For the first time following my selection to Outreachy, I experienced firsthand that never giving up would yield a positive outcome. My gratitude goes out to all the contributors who were there with me during the contribution period.

The Core values that I follow

Consistency - I feel even if you are bad at something being consistent will give you the power to transform yourself from average into excellent.

Curiosity - Curiosity is the origin of knowledge, and knowledge is power. Being curious keeps you motivated to keep exploring new things.

Kindness - Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle in our lives and it's a gift that we all can afford.

You never fail until you stop trying!

Realizing that our incompetence is the bridge connecting our failures with our successes. What hinders us from achieving our full potential is our fear of incapability.
We should never give up even if we are losing the race that's all I've learned. And I'm still learning.

Thanks for reading my blog. You can connect with me through twitter.

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