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Aryan Kaushik
Aryan Kaushik

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Outreachy'22: Everybody Struggles!

Hi Folks, Welcome to another blog.

This is my second blog of the Outreachy'22 internship. Before this Internship, I never had any strong development experience. This is the opportunity that enabled me to work across a really good technical Project i.e. "The Enarx Project".

Folks here are very supportive and encouraging, especially my mentor Mr. Nick, who is very cooperative as well as concerned about my everyday progress. He keeps monitoring what I'm going through and advises the right things to work on. Throughout these days, I struggled with many things but he keeps me motivated and tries to show me the right path. When I'm stuck with my work or I don't understand something, I'm always able to get help from him.

Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big. And start now. - By Robin Sharma

Every day, attending the daily meeting lets me learn a new technical term or a technology. I learned a lot of professional & technical conversation etiquette.

A vocabulary term I didn't know before I applied to Outreachy was

Upstream and Downstream Software Dependencies



This component C depends on component B, and component B in turn depends on component A.

By using the Dependency Rule, we can safely state that component A is upstream of component B, which is upstream of component C (even though the arrows point in the opposite direction).

It is a bit more abstract to apply the Value Rule here, but we can state that component C holds the greatest value since it "imports" the features of components B and A and adds its own value. Since it is the downstream component, we can call component C the most valuable.

Image and Explanation By Tom Hombergs

Thanks for Dropping By!

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