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Hosting your Angular Static Site to AWS S3 through Azure DevOps.

Believe it or not, Azure DevOps is becoming popular across the DevOps Universe, The reason being its simplicity and a wide marketplace which makes any DevOps newbie to get started with DevOps in tick of a clock.
Organisation and Individual use Azure DevOps to create a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for a wide range of applications from .Net , Java to Angular , redis , etc.

In coming weeks I will be sharing you various Tutorial of achieving DevOps in different type of application and their step by step tutorials.

In this Tutorial , we will see how to host a Angular Website to AWS S3 using Azure DevOps.

Why S3 for Static website Hosting?

S3 is a simple storage Service for Amazon AWS. Most of our new age Website are made in HTML, Angular /VueJS which has most of the static content which is served to the public domain. In this scenario S3 becomes very low cost alternative to hosting a site in comparison to Webservers, which requires a greater investment. Also in S3 you do not require to scale up or scale down your server as being static storage provider, it can handle unlimited traffic.


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