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System Design 101

Step by step guide on designing a system
System design is one of the most important and feared aspects of software engineering. One of the main reasons was that everybody seems to have a different approach; there is no clear step by step guidelines.

The struggle of software engineers with system design can be divided into two parts:

1) The system design process is unstructured by nature; there is no proper answer to say binary right or wrong.

2) Software developers lack in experience developing complex and large-scale systems.

In this article, we’ll go through steps to approach solving a design problem. This guideline may help you to design a system. This one is based on my experience of learning architecture courses.

★Step 1: Requirements clarifications
★Step 2: Estimation of important parts
★Step 3: Data Flow
★Step 4: High-level Component design
★ Step 5: Detailed design
★ Step 6: Identify bottlenecks and resolve them
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