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How do I start as a MERN or Full stack Developer?

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I saw this video a few weeks ago and really got motivate to become a full stack developer. Thank you so much @CodingTrain and @CodingGardenCJ for this.

It just took me 4 hours(many issues) to watch and implement as shown in the video in React. Later I added a Map that marks the location of the users who visited my site. 😁

But now I am stuck. I searched for more simple full stack projects to improve, but all seem complicated and time consuming and not as simple as the video.

Please comment or DM me some links where I can start learning with similar projects and this might help others too.

Thank you😍


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Hey fella,
I am 18 and It us about 30 days I been into,
And I could say I am mern stack dev where I learnt things from implementation and I have worked in 2 projects where I just begin to learn and now I am quite good in basic in MERN stack like the CURD operations, and mentioning the harder project you pick from youtube the better you learn and I assure you it is more then 4 months to go from now when you will be feeling like you are a fabulous Mern dev but the past 4 month would be disappointing and would make you feel to give up , and let's connect for helps and do follow me on GITHUB to sync ideas or twitter😁
Good luck 😁
Dev community can help a lot 😁