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Ashok Mohanakumar
Ashok Mohanakumar

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Is there a dark mode? is cool! but very white. Is there/ will there be a dark mode or night mode of any sorts?

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I use the Dark Background and Light Text browser extension. Its 'simple css' style is really good, and you can customize most colors.
It's perfect to have a night mode on bright websites that don't support it by default.

Here's a link to the addon for Firefox, I'm not sure if it's also available for Chrome.

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John Doe

I would love a dark mode for!

I use Dark Reader extension for Chrome / Firefox. It works great, and it's customizable. You can set a whitelist for pages you don't want to be in dark mode by default. Hope this helps :)

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Ashok Mohanakumar

Nice! I like this extension!!! Thanks a lot

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ItsASine (Kayla)

I would adore this <3 Especially if it's more "darcula" than straight black

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You can use dark reader chrome extension.

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This (jan-2019) is not totally correct, it only applies dark theming to the content and not the giant white borders on either side/between.

At least for me.

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Brandon Burzon

Is there an android browser solution?