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How to use fast-drf and API faster

Fast DRF(Django REST Framework) Change Log

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Fast DRF is a small library for making API development faster with Django and Django REST Framework.
It's easy and configurable.

Quick Start

  • Install the library inside your virtualenv by using pip pip install fast-drf
  • Add your apps to FAST_API_ENABLED_APPS on settings for best performance. Like, FAST_API_ENABLED_APPS=['app_name', 'my_app']
  • Update your every model or if you use base abstract model then it's good and less time you need. Update model like following,
from fast_drf.mixins.expose_api_model_mixin import ExposeApiModelMixin
from django.db import models

class MyModel(ExposeApiModelMixin, models.Model):
    #... All yor fields

    # The following methods are available from model mixin
    def exposed_api(cls, *args, **kwargs):
        This method holds a bunch of API configs and return like following...
            "api_url": "",  # (REQUIRED)

            # You must use from HTTPVerbsEnum. Like HTTPVerbsEnum.GET.value, HTTPVerbsEnum.POST.value
            "allowed_methods": ['get', 'post', 'put', 'patch', 'delete'], # (NOT REQUIRED)

            # slug_field is application 'put', 'patch', 'delete' these methods
            "slug_field": "pk", # (NOT REQUIRED) DEFAULT [PK] (Must be model field, unique or primary key)

            "queryset": "",  # (NOT REQUIRED) default all
            "viewset_class": "",  # (NOT REQUIRED) BaseViewset class
            "serializer_class": "",  # (NOT REQUIRED) default BaseEntitySerializer
            "permission_classes": "",  # (NOT REQUIRED) default set from settings
        :param args:
        :param kwargs:
        :return: An empty Dictionary/False OR Full config dictionary.
        api_configs = {
            "api_url": 'my-model-api',
        return api_configs

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That's it. You can also override serializer class and viewset class

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