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Who says Programming in Mobile is tough?

JSitor is a web tool which is used to write Web and NodeJS snippets, along with the web version, it also supports mobile app-based editors which can be very helpful to test out our ideas whenever we are away from our laptop.

Both Android and iOS apps are built with the power of ReactNative and CodeMirror.

Download iOS App
Download Android App

What is different about JSitor app?

  • Supports TypeScript, JSX, Babel, Script Modules
  • Supports Pug document formatting
  • Supports Less, SCSS, PostCSS

  • Awesome interface an easy to use

  • In sync with the web version, so you can finish your unfinished work anywhere

  • Rich syntax highlights and suggestions

  • Quick keys over the keyboard

  • Easy to install external CDN libraries

  • Log in with Github to manage snippets

  • View Trending/Most viewed and Most recent snippets

Few screenshots

Know more about JSitor

I won't say that JSitor will be the best tool but definitely it is worth to explore. Give a try and share your feedback. We would love to hear from you guys.

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