Go Micro - A Zero Dependency Microservice Framework

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Hey all,

Just want to show off my project Go Micro. A microservice framework. It makes building microservices in Go really easy. I'd be interested in feedback and thoughts. I've been working on it for 4 years now!

micro / go-micro

A microservice framework

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Go Micro is a pluggable framework for micro service development.


Go Micro provides the core requirements for distributed systems development including RPC and Event driven communication The micro philosophy is sane defaults with a pluggable architecture. We provide defaults to get you started quickly but everything can be easily swapped out.

Plugins are available at github.com/micro/go-plugins.

Follow us on Twitter or join the Slack community.


Go Micro abstracts away the details of distributed systems. Here are the main features.

  • Service Discovery - Automatic service registration and name resolution. Service discovery is at the core of micro service development. When service A needs to speak to service B it needs the location of that service. The default discovery mechanism is multicast DNS (mdns), a zeroconf system. You can optionally set gossip using the SWIM protocol for p2p networks or consul for a resilient cloud-native setup.

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i run the example code the server is ok but i didn't find the service in the services list of micro :(


Hi. If you're running locally then we expect there to be mDNS present on the machine to do multicast DNS for service discovery. If you're using this in an environment where thats not present then it's better to run consul or something else. You can specify consul with --registry=consul to any command.


Please Sir help me....i registered t in the consul and i find it in the consul dashboard but not for micro dashboard!!!!!!


i running it locally vScode ,can you help me more pleaseeeeee

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