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Hello all,

I'm introducing Micro to the DEV community. I've been working on Micro for 4 years and recently hit a v1.0.0 release. Micro is a microservice toolkit, it provides the building blocks for writing microservices and running a production platform, including api gateway, web dashboard, slack bot, cli, etc.

I'd be interested to get your feedback!


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The docs are much better than go-kit, but I am biassed here because I am so invested in go-kit to really give an objective opinion.

Congrats for joining the v1 club


Thank you! I think we still have a lot of work to do to vastly improve the getting started experience and make microservices accessible to all. It's just a going to take time.


Thank you! Looking for feedback on how we can improve :)


This looks like its well done and a lot of work. Good job!


I am using micro for last 6-7 months, and I would say this is complete golang microservice toolkit and very easy to start with. Also quick reply to GitHub issues is much appreciated.


Thank you for using micro! Please let me know if you have any feedback for the project.


I love go-micro. It's so much easier to build a service than using go-kit.
Awesome project.


Thanks! Please let me know how we can improve things!


Hello Sir ,i run the example code the server is ok but i didn't find the service in the services list of micro :(


I have been using micro for almost a year now. its solid

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